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Camel Skins 1KG

Camel Skins 1KG

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Camel Skins are a great treat for your pooch. Made from 100% Camel, with nothing artificial, they are exceptionally long lasting, high protein, and completely natural healthy treats for dogs of all sizes! As a novel protein, camel makes the perfect alternative to traditional beef and chicken chews for dogs with allergies.

Features and Benefits:

camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes) camel_skins_(500g_&_1kg_bags_&_10kg_boxes)

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