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Fish Skin Cubes 250G

Fish Skin Cubes 250G

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Presenting our Fish Skin Cubes – a triumvirate of health, naturality, and delectability. These cubes, readily digestible and appropriate for all life stages, offer a rough texture that aids in tartar removal and sustains dental wellness. Their abundant reservoir of premium proteins, fats, and oils stands as a notable Omega-3 source, fostering skin, joint, and brain vitality.

In essence, these cubes contribute to enhancing your pup's overall well-being while remaining irresistibly tempting!

Features and Benefits:


Feeding Instructions:

Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available.

100% White fish skins
Protein 43%, Fat 27.7%, Moisture 6.7%
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