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Mixed Broken Sausages 500G

Mixed Broken Sausages 500G

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Indulge in a blend of our premium British Gourmet Sausages and Sticks, thoughtfully prepared and expertly cooked for your cherished furry companions. While these sausages might be fractured during production, rest assured, they're flawlessly cooked to perfection, ensuring a highly nourishing and advantageous snack.

These assorted broken sausages present an irresistibly chewy and profoundly meaty indulgence, catering to dogs of every age group. Your furry friend's taste buds and well-being are in for a delightful treat!

Features and Benefits:

Features and BenefitsFeatures and BenefitsFeatures and Benefits Features and Benefits

Feeding Instructions

Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

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