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Pure Pate 200g

Pure Pate 200g

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Our Paté is crafted exclusively from the finest cuts of premium meat—no offal, fillers, herbs, additives, or preservatives; just pure, top-quality meat! It's Grain and Gluten Free, suitable for all dogs regardless of breed or size, and perfect for both Raw and Kibble diets.

With its remarkable, robust, meaty texture, it's no surprise that our paté is the preferred training treat for many of the UK's leading trainers and behaviorists, including those in the TV and Film industry. Incredibly palatable and easily digestible, our Paté is versatile and irresistibly appealing, even to the pickiest dogs.

Use it as a training treat, with enrichment toys, as a food topper, or even as a complete meal. Explore our complete Paté range, available in 10 enticing varieties and 4 different sizes, ensuring there's a perfect option for every dog.

Slice it, dice it, cube it, cut it, stuff it, mash it, grate it, blend it, freeze it—the possibilities are endless, making mealtime an exciting and customizable experience for your furry companion.
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