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Venison Burgers 500g

Venison Burgers 500g

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Our British gluten-free and grain-free Gourmet Beef Burgers, Gourmet Chicken Burger, Gourmet Rabbit Burgers, Gourmet Turkey and Cranberry Burgers and Gourmet Venison Burgers are not only delicious, but they are healthy too! High in protein and low in fat, a great source of vitamins and minerals, these treats make an excellent addition to your dog's natural diet. They are also easily broken up into pieces, which make a perfect training reward. 

Features and Benefits:

gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)  gourmet_burgers_-_4_flavours_(10pcs_&_1kg)

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