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Venison (Deer) Skins 200G

Venison (Deer) Skins 200G

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Comprising solely of 100% venison, our Venison or Deer Skins epitomize a healthful gourmet indulgence, serving as an ideal chew suitable for dogs of every breed and dimension. Derived from British venison, these skins exhibit a low-fat, high-protein composition and boast a complete absence of grains and artificial flavors.

Subjected to gentle air-drying, this naturally hypoallergenic delight contributes to the well-being of skin and bones, while elevating the quality of the coat. Nourish your furry companion with a treat that embodies both flavor and wellness!

Features and Benefits:


    Feeding Instructions:

    Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.


      100% Venison
      Protein 88.2%, Fat 4.15%, Ash 0.4%, Moisture 6.34%
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