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Yowup! Yogurt - Salmon

Yowup! Yogurt - Salmon

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Salmon. Skin & Coat For Dogs
Infused with fish oil, Omega 3, and collagen, this formula enhances luster and supports the maintenance of your pet's hair and skin. It imparts firmness and elasticity, enriched with the goodness of fish oil.

Yogurt with an abundance of fish oil, predominantly from salmon, boasts a high concentration of Omega 3 essential fatty acids—EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), providing a multitude of benefits:

- Bestows a radiant and healthy sheen to the skin and coat.
- Manages and curtails hair loss.
- Reinforces the immune system, boosting natural defenses.
- Elevates palatability, captivating your furry friend with its delightful flavor and creaminess.
- Contributes to cognitive and visual development.
- Omega 3 serves as a straightforward and effective preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases.

Daily diet

You can use it in a light breakfast, at the time of the meal as a garnish or a dessert, In the funny snack, as a snack when you play with him, at home or in the park or for dinner.


If you want a fun and healthy moment with your furry, there is no better snack than a yogurt that does not get fat, hydrates and provides rich and healthy nutrients.

Ice Cream

You can freeze it and make very healthy ice creams, dose it into an interactive toy or in a mold. If you are going to make petsposteria, you can incorporate the YowUp! as an ingredient, since they like it and It does not provide added sugar or lactose.

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